Karlsberger pub

Come by Karlsberger Pub when you are in Longyearbyen. Karlsberger Pub (or KB that is the common name) is a small but very copius bar, placed in the heart of Longyearbyen. We were announced as the «6th cooolest bar in the world» some years ago, due to the genuine atmosphere and the great collection we provide.


We have one of Europes (and perhaps the Worlds) best and largest collection of armagnac, whisky and cognac. With over 1000 different types of beverage we can honestly say that we have something for everyones taste. We also have a rich collection of gin, an excellent coctailchart and is always updated on the new trends. And of course we also have beer from the local brewery in town, Svalbard bryggeri.

Most famous are our unique collection of Baron Gaston Legrand armagnac that reaches from 1908 till 1993. Baston Gaston Legrand is a family business with over 120 years of history and is leading on armagnac. How about an armagnac from the year your were born? Or maybe the year your grandparents were born?

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Our history

Karlsberger Pub was established i 1998 and had two owners before Svalbard Explorer under Steve Daldorff Torgersen bought the pub in 2009. In 2013 Karlsberger Pub was separated to be an AS. KB has in over twenty years been the gathering place for locals as well as tourists.

We will continue to be the local pub, ans also do arrangements like concerts and participation in local festivals. Our bartenders are informed, professional, serviceminded and friendly. We take great pride in Karlsberger Pub being a place the locals in Longyearbyen love.

Longyearbyen have been a city based on coal mining for over 100 years, and to honor the miners and the industry that has been essential for the establishment at Svalbard, our interior shows the mining industry. On our walls are portraits of the hardworking miners from Store Norske Spitsbergen Kullkompani. All decor is inspired of – and collected from – the mining industry. We also exhibit a bust made by the Norwegian artist Per Ung showing the former CEO of the mining company Store Norske, Robert Hermansen.

We look forward to continue to show our great history and our exceptional collection of beverage, serving you in excellent company of heroes such as locals, discoverers, trappers and explorers.

Foto: fotografiene av gruvearbeiderne er Kristin Stolz, alle andre bilder er Karlsberger Pubs.

Opening hours

Sun-Fri: 17-02

Sat: 15-02